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Looks like the Doomsday is near!

rukmini 03rd Aug 13


Most of our actions today will define the fates we meet on the doomsday. It is the most frightening after-death thought. For those who have seen usually red marks on their report cards throughout their years in school, may find it consoling that at least on some day academics will not matter. The person who had been cramming up the complete Bible word for word stands the same chance of failing as the one who was watching movie the whole day before exam.

Media speculations have an immense repercussion on the society’s assumptions of their future. And every news channel, barring just a few, have announced or rather flashed as breaking news the end of mankind. Yes, the doomsday is near if we are to believe them. Even if we brush aside this news as sheer crap, there are signs which tell us that the nearing doomsday can become a bitter reality in sometime.

What makes us say so? The end of the great human civilisation which took millions of years to evolve cannot be so abrupt and unplanned. Its removal must be driven by the work of only the most powerful force. And that role can be played by the natural forces. So nature which is behind our existence shall also be held liable for taking away our lives. But had nature been the only cause, then we would never have been able to predict our end, as nature when not moving at slow pace works frenetically in a flash and is beyond the comprehension of media. Thus there is another element working as a catalyst to our approaching end. After nature, if we do not venture out of our territorial jurisdiction, then only we have the ability to destroy ourselves. Now we may not do so straightaway, but indirectly we have made the move.


We have been meticulously building our institutions but they are now crumbling down. The first in line is that of education. I was watching news, that the four-year Delhi University programme has been introduced amidst all that hue and cry. Was life of a typical student better before? Certainly it was. Those students who worked hard to get a seat in a good college for their favourite course, but sadly who belonged to the economically neglected strata of the society are the worst affected. Then women coming from parochial families, who would find college as an exit to escape their dim world forever, have now lost their hope for a change. A year might not be much for the college’s administration but they should have assessed the ongoing scenario in other universities, especially international hotspots, before implementing such a crucial decision on their own children. One wonders how would the students and teachers bear each other for extra “365” days? Doomsday on both the sides!

News has been really influencing, as I have already said before. They really dictate our lives sometimes. The debates before the general elections and everybody’s attempt, at home, office, metro or on TV, to guess the name of the future Prime Ministerial candidate blows me off completely. You switch on a news channel at any time of the day and at least one of them would have a panel invited over to discuss Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi at length. C’mon are the others dead? Or do you want your viewers now to even puke politics and crime? What is happening in the other parts of the country? Who is going to talk about them; who will cover their struggles and indomitable stories of success? I am hopeful that such mediocre media channels who attack the weak emotions of people, their curiosity and jealousy to earn huge profit for themselves, their doomsday is not far enough.

International politics too has a role and a big one indeed, in bringing us on the verge of the doomsday. We can name a lot of political leaders who as the head of their nations, in order to impress their countrymen and to increase their international worth, have made catastrophic decisions for others. And who has carved a niche in this but Barack Obama? His violent games might have made so many Americans guilty but he seemed to be unfazed even by an iota. Countless people were killed, atrocities committed on women and children, and yet, poor fate, everybody passed the buck.

Backstabbing in the name of saving one’s own country has become another political device. It has been used openly and widely constituting acceptable international diplomacy standards, especially by the Western countries to regain their hold on the Eastern societies. It seems that values on political leadership, global allies, building healthy bilateral relationships, compassionately treating the disadvantaged communities, keeping past promises had seen their doomsday long time ago.

I do not always watch the dry, repetitive news on TV. So while surfing through endless channels, I came across a channel which was showing movie trailers. I decided to watch that very movie in the theatre. After spending those two torturous hours helplessly, I decided to skip the rest. Directors think the audience can be fooled easily by a few romantic well-shot songs, a good looking pair in lead, hilarious supporting actors to bring in an amusing angle to an otherwise worthless script. They show large green foreign landscapes so that we forget building there is a ditch just outside the building in which we are sitting. The hero-heroine fall in love, meet some obstacles which are shown to be so hard to overcome just an hour before the two are together again.

Now I want to warn them that their days are numbered for creativity, as they had wrongly assumed, has not yet experienced its doomsday. On a bitter note, when the society is becoming more tolerant towards the unconventional works in the cinema, it is becoming highly critical and aggressively judgemental towards unusual art forms and literature. The doomsday is befalling upon such freedom and has cast its shadow upon the daring talent and magnitude of bold expressions.

We must also share some blame for the approaching doomsday. Yeah I know, it might sound crazy that how we, innocent like children, can be responsible for something so big and evil. But unintentionally we are also calling doomsday for others. A few days back, I was travelling in metro, those were peak hours and the train was so congested that we had to stand still without making free movements of hands. A girl was standing on my one side. She was talking on phone. Her pitch was so loud that she could be heard even outside the lady’s compartment. She was screaming about one particular episode of Karan Johar’s show, Coffee with Karan. She made sure that it got into everybody’s ears that she had found Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone so sensible on show and candid that according to her they should be initiated into the country politics. Well for me that was certainly some change from the dry repetition of names for future PM’s post but this girl had turned the rules upside down. Having your opinions is fine, but yelling them into the ears of fellow passengers, without giving them an opportunity to speak their mind, is unfair.

So to avoid this injustice I turned a little to the other side. Even before I could get over the feeling of being cheated always, the other girl started playing Yo Yo Honey Singh. I had heard a lot about the singer and not everything I heard was good. In fact when out of curiosity I had searched his songs, I found the ear splitting music with thoughtless lyrics extremely unappealing to my senses. The highly sexist references in his songs were really anguishing. After hearing the crass music of Honey Singh once again for like twenty minutes of my life, I wished for the doomsday to come soon and naturally, so that no such worthless creatures discussed above become the historic cause for our ruin and become famous forever at our cost.


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